i3indya™ Technologies presents Practical Training on i3indya Embedded Systems & Robotics.

Robotics is a field that covers almost all the spheres of technology, whether it is Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Programming, Designing Techniques or any other technical skills based on respective applications.

This course is designed to clear your concepts in embedded systems & robotics using complete practical approach. You will develop various interesting & innovative projects using micro-controller, LEDs, Led Matrix, LCD, DC Motors, Stepper Motor, Buzzer, IR Sensors, USART Communication, PWM, DTMF, Keypad & Wireless Module.

iESR Training

Course Highlights

  • iESR (i3indya Embedded Systems & Robotics)

  • Certificate of Completion by i3indya™ Technologies

  • Books & CD Free to each participant

  • 41 Minor and 10 Major Projects using 8-Bit AVR Micro-controller

  • 1 Robotics kit will be given to each participant for PRACTISE PURPOSE ONLY

Do This Course at Your Home

  • Yes! You can Do This Course at Your Home by purchasing our distance learning kit. see details here

Training Modules

Day Topics Duration


Introduction to i3indya & Robotics

Introduction to Embedded System

AVR Series Micro-Controllers & ATMEGA 16

Drivers & Software Installation

3 Hour


LED Interfacing with ATMEGA 16 – Theory

Practical 1: Glowing LEDs in a pattern of your choice Seven Segment Displays – Theory

Practical 2: Displaying Digits on Seven Segment Displays LED Matrix – Theory

Practical 3: Generating Patterns on LED Matrix

Practical 4: Display Alphabets on LED Matrix

3 Hour


LCD Interfacing with ATMEGA 16 – Theory

Practical 5: Displaying Text on LCD

3 Hour


LCD Interfacing Continued..

Practical 6: Scrolling Text on LCD

Practical 7: Creating Simple Animation on LCD

Project 1: Digital Clock

3 Hour


DC Motor Interfacing with ATMEGA 16 – Theory
L293D IC & Its Need - Theory

Practical 8: Learning Interfacing of Motor with LEDs & LCD

Practical 9: Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
Stepper Motor Interfacing with ATMEGA 16 - Theory

Practical 10: Rotation in forward and backward direction

Practical 11: Controlling speed of stepper motor

Practical 12: Rotating stepper motor at given angle/distance

3 Hour


Working of IR Sensors – Theory
Digital IR Sensors – Theory

Practical 13: Detecting White and Black surface with Digital

Practical 14: Controlling Motor with Digital IR Sensor.

Practical 15: Calculating Speed of a moving robot.
Introduction to ADC – Theory
Analog IR Sensors - Theory

Practical 16: Measuring Distance of an object using Analog IR Sensors.

Practical 17: Controlling Motor using Analog IR Sensor.

3 Hour


Project 2: Line Follower Robot

Project 3: Tachometer Prototype

Project 4: Visitor Counting Application
Assignment & Revision

3 Hour


Buzzer interfacing with ATMEGA 16 – Theory

Practical 18: Generating Beep through Buzzer
Interfacing of Temperature Sensor – Theory

Practical 19: Calibrating Sensor value with Temperature Range

Project 6: Digital Thermometer

Project 7: Temperature Controlled Fan

Project 8: High Temperature Alarm

3 Hour


Keypad Interfacing with ATMEGA 16 – Theory

Practical 20:ON\OFF LED\Motor\Buzzer using single key
Linear Keypad - Theory

Practical 21: Controlling Motor (ON\OFF, Direction of Rotation) using Linear Keypad

Practical 22: Writing text on LCD using Linear Keypad

Project 9: Stop Watch

3 Hour


Matrix Keypad Interfacing – Theory

Project 10: Keypad Operated Robot

Project 11: Mobile Phone Keypad prototype

3 Hour


Project 12: Password Controlled Application – ATM Prototype

Project 13: Calculator
Assignment & Revision

3 Hour


PWM – Theory

Practical 23: Controlling brightness of a LED.
Speaker Interfacing with ATMEGA 16

Practical 24: Generating different frequencies from Speaker

Practical 25: Integrating Keypad with Speaker

Practical 26: Integrating IR Sensor with Speaker

Project 14: Digitl PIANO

3 Hour


Interfacing RGB LED

Practical 27: Generating different colours from RGB LED

Practical 28: Integrating Keypad with RGB LED

Practical 29: Traffic light prototype using single LED
Interfacing LDR Sensor with ATMEGA 16

Practical 30: Colour detection using LDR sensor in Analog Mode

Project 15: Colour Changing Spy Bot using LDR & RGB LED*

3 Hour


Assignment & Revision

3 Hour


Exam – Theory & Practical

3 Hour

Day Topics Duration


Covered in iESR Basic Module

45 Hours


Working of DTMF – Theory

Mobile Controlled Applications – Theory

Project 16: Mobile Controlled Robot

3 Hour


Working of Relays – Theory

Interfacing Relays with ATMEGA 16 – Theory

Practical 31: ON\OFF Bulb or Fan (100 W) from Microcontroller

Project 17: Controlling AC Appliances using Keypad

Major Project 1: Mobile Controlled AC Devices

3 Hour


Touch Screen Interfacing with ATMEGA 16 – Theory

Practical 32: Displaying values of Touch Screen points on LCD

Practical 33: Displaying values of Touch Screen points on LCD

Project 18: Touch Screen Controlled Robot

3 Hour


RF Module (Wireless Technology) Interfacing

Practical 34: Testing RF Module using LEDs

Project 1: Major Project 2: Remote Controlled Wireless Robot

3 Hour


UART Protocol – Theory

Practical 35: Writing on LCD using PC/Laptop keyboard

Project 19: PC Controlled Robot

3 Hour


Major Project 3: PC Controlled Classroom via RF Module

3 Hour


Accelerometer Interfacing with ATMEGA 16

Practical 36: Displaying values of coordinates in LCD

Project 20: Wrist control robot

3 Hour


Major Project 4: Wireless Chat Application between two Users

3 Hour


External/Internal Interrupts

Practicle 37: Displaying External interrupt on LCD/LED

Practicle 38: Displaying Internal interrupt on LCD/LED

Project 21: Digital Clock application using Interrupts
Using Internal EEPROM of Microcontroller

Practicle 39: Save and load data on internal EEPROM

Project 22: EEPROM based Password controlled Application

Project 23: Daily Alarm Clock

3 Hour


Revision & Problem Solving Session

3 Hour


EXAM – Theory & Practical

3 Hour


Project Work by Students

3 Hour


Project Work by Students

3 Hour


Project Work by Students

3 Hour





Day Topics Duration


Covered in iESR Basic+Advance Module

90 Hours


Graphical LCD Introduction & Interfacing with ATMega16 - Theory

Practical 1: Displaying Characters on GLCD

3 Hour


Practical 2: Displaying Pictures on GLCD

Practical 3: Creating animation on GLCD (ball shooter/Snake)

Project 1: Snake Game using Keypad

3 Hour


Flex Sensor Interfacing with ATMega16 - Theory

Practical 4: Displaying flex output values on GLCD

Project 2: Car Driving Game using Flex sensor and GLCD

Project 3: Finger Controlled Bot

3 Hour


Project 4: GRID follower Robot using Digital IR sensor

Project 5:Ball Puzzle Game using Accelerometer

Project 6:Surface Level Indicator using Accelerometer

3 Hour


Touch Screen Introduction - Theory

Practical 5: Calibrating Touch Screen with GLCD

Project 7: Touch Keypad

Project 8: Touch Keypad Controlled Bot

3 Hour


Project 9: Digital Drawing Canvas with Touch Interface

Project 10: Sum Calculator with Graphical Touch Interface

3 Hour


ZIGBEE Module Introduction & Interfacing with ATmega16 - Theory

Practical 36: Wireless data transferring between two MCUs

Project 11: Wireless chat application with Graphical Touch Interface (Full Duplex)

3 Hour


Practical 7: Simultaneous data transfer to multiple XBEE Modules

Major Project 1: XBEE based Home Automation or Office automation

Major Project 2: Group Chat Application with graphical touch interface (Full Duplex)

3 Hour


SD card Introduction – Theory

SPI Communication Protocol - Theory

SD Card Interfacing with ATMega16 - Theory

Practicle 8: Store and read data from SD card

3 Hour


Project 12:Data Transfer Application (with Graphical Touch Interface) between SD cards via XBEE

Major Project 3: Multi User Tic Tac Toe Game with Graphical Touch Interface

3 Hour


Revision & Assignments

3 Hour


ISD4004 Introduction & Interfacing with ATMega16 - Theory

Practicle 9:Store and read data from ISD4004

Project 13: Sound Recorder & Player with Graphical Touch Interface

Project 14:Text to Voice (Dictionary Based)

3 Hour


Real Time Clock (RTC) DS1307 - Theory

I2C Communication Protocol - Theory

DS1307 Interfacing with ATMega16 – Theory

3 Hour


Practicle 10:Displaying RTC time on GLCD using DS1307

Project 15: Analog clock 24C16 External EEPROM Introduction & Interfacing with ATMega16 - Theory

Practicle 11:Storing a message in EEPROM and displaying it on GLCD

3 Hour


Project 16: Password Controlled Application using External EEPROM (24c16)

Major Project 4: Daily Alarm Clock with Voice Alarm & graphical touch interface

3 hour


GSM Module Introduction & Interfacing with ATMega16 – Theory

Introduction to AT Commands - Theory

Practicle 12: Displaying Network Details & Strength on GLCD

3 hour


Practicle 13: Receiving Incoming Call with Ringtone and Displaying its Information on GLCD

Project 17: Call Handling Application with Graphical Touch Interface

Practicle 15: Sending SMS to a number

Practicle 16: Receiving SMS with tone and displaying it on GLCD

Project 18: SMS Handling Application with Graphical Touch Interface

3 hour


Major Project 6: SMART PHONE PROTOTYPE with Complete Graphical Touch Interface (TOUCH PAD).

Smart Phone Applications:

1. Loading Screen

2. Call Handling Application

3. SMS Handling Application

4. Multi User Tic Tac Toe game (via XBEE)

5. Notepad Application

6. Sound Recorder & Player (record/play/save files)

7. Data Transfer Application

8. Group Chat Application

9. Analog Clock & Alarm Clock

10. Digital Drawing Canvas

11. Sum Calculator

3 hour


Revision & Assignments

3 hour

Robotics Kit Content - (Kit for Practise Purpose only)

iESR Basic Module Kit Content

i3indya Development Board ATMEGA16 (1)

i3indya Chasses (1)

Seven Segment Display (1)

Wheels (2)

i3indya LED Matrix (1)

Caster Wheel (1)

16 x 2 LCD (1)

Screw driver (1)

DC Motor (2)

Screws Packet (1)

DC Adapter (1)

Connecting cables

i3indya Dual IR Sensor (2)

i3indya LDR Sensor Board (1)

Temperature Sensor (1)

Onboard IC ATMEGA16 (1)

i3indya 4 x 4 Keypad Matrix (1)

Onboard IC L293D (1)


Onboard IC LM 358 (1)

iESR Advance Module Kit Content

i3indya DTMF Board (1)

Touch Screen (1)

i3indya USB to TTL Board (1)

USB Type A to Type B Cable (1)

Onboard IC PL2303 (1)

Onboard IC MT 8870 (1)

Audio Cable

iESR Advance Module 2 Kit Content

MEGATron​ ​Board (1)

Graphical​ ​LCD​ ​Board (1)

Flex​ ​Sensor (1)

ZIGBEE​ Module (1)

GSM​ ​Module (1)

RTC​ ​Board (1)

EEPROM​ ​Board

Why iESR ?

  • 55 Practicals, 41 Minor Projects & 10 Major Projects will be covered within 50 days of training.

  • Our syllabus is professionally designed to cover Basic as well as Advance aspects of Embedded Systems & Robotics.

  • Each day of our training is well planned to provide you with Theoretical as well as Practical knowledge of the module.

  • Each day will come up with New Practicals & Projects which makes the training interesting and exciting.

  • Time to time Practical Assignments will be provided to the students, which will help them in doing practice at home.

  • Revision Time & Query Sessions are provided to the students which help them in clearing previous doubts.

  • Exam will be conducted at the end of basic as well as Advance module to test the knowledge level of the students.

  • Time for Project Work will be provided to the students, in which students will develop a project of their own choice. This will encourage Innovative Ideas among students.

Pre Requisite

  • Basic knowledge of C \ C++ Programming

  • Basics of Electronics.


  • It is strongly recommended to bring your own LAPTOP during the training so that you can easily practice the exercises at home.

Who Could Attend ?

  • College students seeking career in Robotics and Embedded Systems.

  • Person having interest in Embedded Systems.

  • Electronics and communication students.

  • Students from any branch can attend the training program.

Who Attened iESR ?

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